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Ok so we know that dressage evolved as a way to train the horse first for war, as well as for the hunt, livestock work and safe, balanced transport. Basically as a martial art with side benefits. One of the … Continue reading

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It’s a tricky thing when you’re trying to engage with a kid – or anyone – if they don’t seem to pay obvious attention to you But kids on the spectrum, as we know, often have intense difficulty with this. … Continue reading

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This might seem like a strange one but it’s very practical. The reality of special needs is that it’s often ruinously expensive. I remember when Scub was first diagnosed, looking at the various therapies that were available – ABA at … Continue reading

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Having a stable seat is of utmost importance to anybody taking the safety of the kids they ride with serious. Come visit us – learn about Horse Boy Method and stabilize your seat. Here is our working student Katja from … Continue reading

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I think I should probably start by introducing myself. My name is Miss Trinket. Don’t forget the Miss. In case you want to know what I look like here is a photo of me. And yes I am pretty small … Continue reading

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