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One Acre Farm replied to the topic 'Confirm it' in the forum. 08/03/2016

Yes, we're in Porter. We'd love to visit with y'all.

That's great that Fynn does so much research. It's a great skill and work ethic to have. He will always be able to learn anything he puts his mind to.

Another way to 'confirm it' can be through art. For example, after learning about the water cycle, my daughter drew a picture of rain falling to the ground and then seeping through the ground and traveling to the ocean and then evaporating, etc... The amount of details showed me that she definitely grasped the concept.

Rico and Beth replied to the topic 'Confirm it' in the forum. 08/02/2016

Well, fynn will want to know exactly where you live- he's a precise character, and loves maps, he'll look you up on google maps and find th' route a bee would take to get to our house, then put it in 3d mode and travel it, even if it takes days- that's what he does before and after every trip we take :) - but they already know that bees travel less than six miles usually- they don't slack in their research once they get going...

and we love th' kids teaching idea- we have dreamed of a place where th' kids get to be th' teachers and th' grown ups are th' students, which is how it usually goes at our house- that's great to know others are thinking along th' same lines...

next time we are out there maybe we can stop by for a visit, my family is all in Livingston now, so pretty close to Porter? (is that where you are?)

Rico and Beth replied to the topic 'Vitamin C - Diet and Nutrition' in the forum. 08/02/2016

Well, Fynn has still had strong vitamin C cravings- he drinks th' juice of one or two lemons in water per day- which goes back to my original research showing that people under lots of stress need more vitamin C than others- He's been very anxious lately, and we think it's due to his inability to know when he needs to go to the bathroom- he's old enough now that it really bothers him, every time he has an accident he gets really upset and cries and usually has a huge meltdown- he asks what if he never learns how- those meltdowns are really taxing on his system, they wear him out- We are not really sure how to help him in this- other than to just remind him that it's not his fault, and we will figure it out somehow- Me and Beth both think that a lot of his outbursts are based on this, and when he overcomes it he'll feel much better, both physically and emotionally

thanks for asking, and if anyone else has gone through a similar situation please fill us in on what helped...

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