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sonisofi created a new topic ' Playful exploration & sensory activities' in the forum. 08/20/2017

Recently we had an Italian themed playdate and we add some dyed spaghetti to our mud kitchen station for the children to investigate and explore. They all loved it: they put their hands in it, watched the spaghetti falling down from their fingers and repeated this action over and over again to examine the movement of the spaghetti thoroughly.
The children are eager to learn. Playful exploration is a great way to satisfy their curiosity as well as develop their love of learning in a safe, self-initiated and child-friendly environment.
What sensory activities did you set up for your children? It would be lovely to see your photos and stories in the comments section below!


kingzcq replied to the topic 'Can i use aluminum pots to cook food?' in the forum. 07/26/2017

Do you use the acp panel to cook the food and there is no change in the taste of the food? Does the body feel uncomfortable? I am very worried:( :(


kingpanel created a new topic ' Aluminium as a car body material?' in the forum. 07/06/2017

Aluminum is hardly susceptible to rusting as steel. In cities near the sea or large places where much salt is used to control the ice in the winter, the aluminum section will not be full of holes after 10 years and the paint is unlikely to crack and crack. Precipitation hardening aluminum is half the strength of mild steel, but four times lighter Aluminum composite material does not corrode.


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