Once you have fulfilled all the requirements to be listed as an Independent Practitioner on our website, we will be listing you on our Practitioners & Mentor site in the "Families" section of our website so parents can easily find you. 

Only when you are listed on that page are you authorized to advertise yourself as an Independent Horse Boy Method Practitioner or Movement Method Mentor. Please visit our advertisement guidelines for details. 

Can I list volunteers and staff that have not gone through the certification process?

Yes, BUT anybody running sessions, playdates or other activities advertised as Horse Boy activities will have to complete all requirements on becoming a Independent Horse Boy Method Practitioner or Movement Method Mentor. If you have volunteers that help you out and that have been trained in Horse Boy or Movement Method, we can add them to your website listing as "Un-certified Volunteer or Staff". Please be aware that anybody listed as that cannot advertise that they are certified in Horse Boy Method or Movement Method or that they are Independent Practitioners or Mentors and they are also not authorized to run a Horse Boy Session or other Horse Boy activity without a certified Independent Practitioner or Mentor being present at all times.

How can we list more members in our tribe?

Please check out our listing as an example. Rupert, Jenny, Iliane, Josh have fulfilled all the requirements to be an Independent Horse Boy Method Practitioner, while Genessee French due to her age (under 18) cannot be listed as a Practitioner and Jody without horse experience is listed as a Movement Method Mentor.

The Long Ride Home

The long awaited sequel of the Horse Boy.


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