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Welcome to our workshop and training package page. We have a wide variety of programs. Some of which are autism specific some of which are dressage specific. Scroll down for training week details and you will find the right workshop combo for you whether you are an autism parent or professional a horse professional, therapeutic riding instructor, a teacher interested in kinetic learning or simply a rider who has always wondered how those dressage people get their horses to do all that cool stuff and want to learn it to do it  yourself without being screamed at.

Each workshop week is up to 6 days long. We strongly suggest that you start with Horse Boy Method 1 even if you do not have much or any horse experience. This is our foundation course and will give you a clear understanding on why we do what we do. We also suggest for riders to participate in Movement Method 1 as that will help you think through how to create a similar effect without a horse which will help you deal with children that are not eager to ride and help you assist parents in how continue the work at home when they are not with you.
You then have to choose if you want to go the Horse Boy Method or Movement Method route as Horse Boy Method 2 and Movement Method 2 run parallel to each other.
Our higher level workshops (Horse Boy Method 3, 4 & 5 and Movement Method 3) are not part of our workshop weeks. We suggest that after coming to New Trails for your first package, you go home and go through the required steps to become a Practitioner or Mentor. When you have worked a little bit with the children at home, come back and take these additional workshops.

Upcoming Horse Boy workshops Weeks in Texas

Travel & accommodation details for Elgin, TX


Daily Schedule

Each day starts usually at 9 am and depending on how many participants are in each workshop will run till 2-4 pm. There are few days that start a bit later. Details are on the course descriptions below.

Some workshops include the participation in Playdates with families on some days (HBM 3, 4, 5). On workshops or days that do not include evening or afternoon playdate sessions you are welcome to add on the afternoon with us and receive additional experiential training either with the kids or with the horses (this does not include riding lessons or in hand sessions) for $50 per afternoon. We reserve the right to choose which children and families are able to handle new people. You can also add on lunging lessons for $25 (30 min) or in-hand and riding lessons with our trainers and on our schoolmasters for $75 (45 min).

On certain dates we have community dinners which you can join for an additional $20/person.

We do not have accommodations available for participants. However there are accommodations in Elgin, Bastrop and Austin.

Intensive workshop weeks are set up as follows:

Thursday & Friday


Sunday & Monday


Tuesday & Wednesday

Other workshops?

Horse Boy Method 3, 4, 5, Movement Method 3 and customized training weeks are available upon request. Please email us for more information: info@horseboyworld.com 

The Long Ride Home

The long awaited sequel of the Horse Boy.


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