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Help Autism Families and those with other Neuro-Psychiatric Conditions

Our non-profit has existed since 2007 with a simple mission: to bring the healing effects of horses, movement, nature and supportive community to autism families, at risk youth, veterans with PTSD, children and adults with ADD/ADHD, anxiety, chronic pain, and all related conditions free of charge.

The science behind our Method of retraining the brain is well proven. We are leaders in the field of kinetic learning and partner with several universities - both in the USA (University of Texas, Belmont University), and Europe (Osnabruek, Gothenburg, Bologna, Nottingham Trent, Edinburgh) - to keep developing modalities for not just autism but every condition that involves the nervous system and the brain.

Because of this we now have three main programs:

  • Horse Boy Method which calms the nervous system and activates the learning centers of the brain through specific rocking and balancing movements on horseback;
  • Horse Boy Learning which achieves the same effects through play equipment - and which teaches the national curriculum (K-12) while in movement;
  • Movement Method: basic brain retraining for any neuro-cognitive disorder (works great for 'normal' brains too!) which can be done anywhere any time - classrooms, living rooms, parks, gardens, even on your couch at home.


Foundation services: Playdates, camps, scholarships/grants for Practitioner trainings and therapy centers

We try to never let money stand in the way of services. The autism/therapy world is notorious for being ruinously expensive for affected families.

At our New Trails Center in Austin Texas we don't charge local families a penny for weekly services.

In addition we also subsidize families to go to camps in Texas, at our satellite locations in North America, the UK and Europe and we also offer scholarships for training in our various methods for would-be practitoners and mentors looking to serve families.

Please help us help families, children, veterans and others in need by donating below.

Support the Foundation.

HorseBoyFoundation6One time donation:

  • One bag of feed: $10.00
  • Trimming one horse: $35.00
  • One round bale of hay: $60.00
  • Half day session for a family/veteran/at risk youth/affected adult: $150
  • Day-long mini camp for the above clients: $250.00
  • Help send a family/other clients to a 3 day camp: $500
  • Send one family to a camp all costs covered: $1,000.00
  • Month of feeding a Horse Boy horse: $1500.00
  • Train a practitioner through HBM 1,2 and 3: $2,000.00
  • Organize a camp for three families: $2,500.00
  • Buy and trains a horse for a Horse Boy Location: $5,000.00


Monthly support:



The Foundations EIN number is 45-4497358.

The Long Ride Home

The long awaited sequel of the Horse Boy.


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