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The word ‘Endangerous’ was invented by the creator of this show, Rowan Isaacson (now 12), to describe animals that are both endangered and dangerous.

This web-based educational television series -accessible to both children and adults alike – takes a look at some of the most exciting endangered and dangerous animals on the planet through the eyes of Rowan, an autistic child with a passion for saving animals.

And although this is a highly serious topic, the tone of the series will be anything but. It’s a cool and quirky kid taking us to see amazing animals, in amazing places, populated by amazing people. We wont just be looking at the safari side, but also how these animals relate to the spirituality of the people that live close to them, how important they are to the local economy, how they relate to the local mythology, culture, festivals, fun. Everything from shamanism to hunting to music and dance to markets to tourism to…simply falling in love with our incredible planet all over again. And helping the children that see Endangerous fall in love with that planet too.

And its all for free. Anyone can access it, download it, view it. Its our gift. Just as the planet makes its gifts available to us for free.

 Episode 1: The European Brown Bear

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